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Is the product a victim of fire?

Is the product a victim of the fire?

  • A product which is defined as a victim of fire does not exclude that it can ignite it but can be hit by the heat of combustion or by the flames originated inside the system.

    In this case it is necessary to evaluate the ease of the product to be ignited by a flame and the contribution it can provide to the evolution of the fire, i.e. if it also helps the spread of the fire.

    This basic question can therefore identify the test criteria allowing to guarantee a product safe use within the limits of the use previously defined for a given scenario.


    If the product concerned can be the origin of the fire, it is essential to proceed to the box "The product is the cause of ignition” and follow the next steps. However, as a component which can ignite and generate a flame is also able to contribute to the fire, the component must also be assessed as a victim of fire.