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Describe the fire scenario (part 6.3.2)

Describe the fire scenario (part 6.3.2)


During the assessment of the fire hazards, the scenario is considered as the system consisting of the electrical product, the environment where it performs its function during its operating life, the boundary conditions i.e. all the situations and the hypothetical events, external and internal, able to generate and fuel the fire.

The scenario description is an essential analysis for the correct design of a product, of the set of tests to verify it and, in many cases, the definition by the manufacturer of the limits of use i.e. in which the "scenario" the product itself must not be used or inserted.

Note 1

Fire scenario (according to ISO 13943 - definition 4.129): qualitative description of the evolution of a fire in relation to the time, with the identification of the key events that characterize the fire concerned and differ it from other possible fires. Generally, it describes the ignition processes (4.187) and fire growth (4.111), the fully developed fire phase (4.164), the depletion phase (4.104), the environment (4.80) and the systems that impact the development of the fire.

Note 2

The environment is here considered as an area bounded by an envelope and it can vary from the external walls of a component up to the walls of a room where an electrical equipment is located. In some cases, the concerned environment appears to be different from that in which one would expect further flame propagation.