100 years by your side

During the activity of the last one hundred years, our Association has been one of the protagonists of the social-economic development and has played a key role in the quality of life of our Country.

While in the first decades of the last century, the principal need was to elaborate, simplify and facilitate the harmonisation of standards in the electrotechnical sector, at the end of the 1950’s, when the main objective was the creation of the European Common Market, standardisation became the key element allowing the free circulation of products.

The importance and the role of voluntary and consensual technical standardisation within the national productive sectors thus became more and more significant, as a consequence of decisions taken at European and International levels. The role played by the Business Associations allows the effective contribution of a myriad of small and medium sized enterprises, widely present in the Italian industrial market, rich in inventiveness and capacity.

Such a role is not an activity to be underestimated since it does not cease to serve its purpose by contributing to the elaboration of standards, but permits this type of companies to have an access ticket to the global market.

The existence of standards, perfect from a technical point of view, would not be useful if it were not supported by correctly promoting the technical culture. As a matter of fact, it is necessary that all manufacturers and users of standards are made aware of this and understand correctly how to apply the rules of good practice.

Over recent years, CEI has been turning to citizens, with an ever-increasing intensity, strengthening activities of information by means of communication projects and implementing methods to enhance public awareness. The information and communication initiatives, such as the publication of Guides for the interpretation and application of standards, the organization of free-of-charge seminars and conferences, the participation in exhibitions, together with the offer of a rich programme of educational refresher courses and the collaboration with national and international bodies, are today all necessary activities to keep alive the interest towards the standardisation evolution.

These one hundred years cannot only mean for us the achievement of a goal: it is the moment to get closer to the essential challenges of the future, particularly at international level and to meet in advance the needs of our Members
and of all the users.

The important subjects CEI has already begun to face, and which will be guiding its future, are in line with the strategy of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Subjects such as the choice of priorities to be assigned to the standardisation work based on the market relevance, or the necessity of application rules concerning the voluntary and consensual technical standardisation, as are the Guides for the application of standards, have now become the daily work for both the technical and managerial structures of CEI.

There is also a parallel demand for a more intense pre-standard activity, also for users traditionally distant from the world of CEI, to ensure that our organisation continues to be a reference point and a useful service to improve the quality of life in our Country.