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Technical Committee 89 is a horizontal committee, with a safety pilot function within the IEC for assessing fire hazards of electrotechnical equipment.

In addition to the common activities which aims to produce International Standards, Specifications and Technical reports, the Committee is engaged in taking care, for the electrotechnical fields, the increasing growing importance of Fire Safety Engineering (FSE), which is applicable to most situations where a fire may occur.

Fire safety has an impact in all the application sectors of the society. The market of TC 89 Standards and Guidances is extremely broad: they are used for the assessment and the control of the fire risk of materials and products in the broadest sense, helping to save lives, reducing fire losses and bringing substantial cost savings in the design.

The main beneficiaries of the TC 89 standard and guides are: industry representatives within their Technical Committee, national and international regulators, consumer groups, research organisations, testing laboratories and certification bodies.

The object of this communication is to improve the co-operation and working methods between product committees and horizontal committees, to ensure the coherency of the standards, to accustom the users of our publications (mainly of the industrial sector) to the services provided by TC 89 with its specialized expertise in all the aspects related to fire.

In order to make a standard valuable, it needs to be included in a global and coherent context. Industry uses standards as an aid to manufacture new products and services; the standards help industry to save time and money, improving, in this way, the efficiency. The standardization work has also other purposes, but the main use is as a tool for industry.

Horizontal publications apply to a broad range of product committees. In general, these publications deal with fundamental principles, concepts, terminology or technical characteristics that are relevant to a number of Technical Committees.

The goal of an horizontal committee publication is to ensure the consistency of IEC publications in common areas for a large number of Committees by avoiding duplication of work and contradictory requirements.

For example, safety is a fundamental principle and the relevant publications are horizontal publications.

Electrical and electronic equipments and systems built according to standards can have inherent risks, caused by the electricity usually flowing through them. Therefore, safety is an integral part of the product standards.

Some standards apply to all the aspects of the safety covering, in this way, a lot of products and are known as Basic Safety Publications.

Below is a list of references to in-depth pages relating to the activities of the Technical Committee 89: