VIM – International Vocabulary of Metrology






Basic and general concepts and associated terms

[CEI UNI 70099 – third Edition]


VIM (third edition) is a vocabulary, developed at international level by the most important standardization bodies, metrology organizations and accreditation laboratories ([1]).

Such a vocabulary contains the terms associated to basic and general concepts of metrology, with many examples from different fields of application.

The goal of VIM is to provide the basic elements to allow any operator - interested in measurements and their respective results - to use a clear and unique language, avoiding misunderstandings of both technical documents and measurement results, even if these should be used not only in a technical context, but also for commercial purposes.

The VIM vocabulary aims to be a reference for governamental and intergovernamental bodies, professionals and trade associations, standardization and accreditation bodies, regulators, Universities, purchase departments drafting technical specifications and manufacturers of instruments for the definition of metrological characteristics.

In consideration of the importance of such a document and and with the clear intent to promote its diffusion at best, CEI (that worked out the italian translation in cooperation with UNI in a “Mixed Commission UNI-CEI of General Metrology”) decided to make available a free online version in addition to the usual chargeable hard copy or PDF versions).

The online free version of VIM, accessible on this site by clicking on the button below, allows you to directly search and consult the terms of interest in the metrological field, giving - for each word - its whole definition, the respective English and French translation (for both definition and terms) and their links to other correlated words (when necessary).

There are indexes in all three languages, allowing the use of this Vocabulary also to check translations in the respective different languages.

In order to get a global view of the whole Vocabulary, the standard (in three languages) may be purchased, in both hard copy or PDF version, following the usual CEI sales channels (for more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)





Enti internazionali che partecipano dal 1997 alla realizzazione del VIM
BIPM - Bureau International des Poids et Mesures,
IEC - Commissione Elettrotecnica Internazionale,
IFCC - Federazione Internazionale di Chimica Clinica e Medicina di Laboratorio ,
ISO - Organizzazione Internazionale di Normalizzazione,
IUPAC - Unione Internazionale di Chimica Pura ed Applicata,
IUPAP - Unione Internazionale di Fisica Pura ed Applicata
OIML - Organizzazione Internazionale di Metrologia Legale,
ILAC - Cooperazione Internazionale per l’Accreditamento dei Laboratori (dal 2005)