Technical standards


Le norme


CEI standardisation documents define the best practices, i.e. the set of normative requirements enabling the design and construction of electric and electronic components, equipment, machines and systems, as well as installations, on the basis of well-defined safety principles and performance criteria, evolving in parallel with technological progress. In this respect they grant presumption of conformity to the state of the art.

Moreover, CEI standards are at a large extent endorsements of international and European normative documents and, thus, they represent a unique tool to satisfy also the requirements indicated by the national and European legislation.

Any standardisation activity is initiated in order to answer to specific needs of the market to dispose of well-defined and agreed-upon reference rules at national (European, international) level. Therefore, technical standardisation is based on the principle of consensus which requires the involvement and active participation of all the stakeholders that have a vested interest in the process.

In CEI a standardisation project is developed within competent Technical Committees, in which more than 3.000 national experts are present, nominated by Ministries, public and private Institutions, Universities, R&D and testing Centers, certification Bodies, industrial Companies, professional Societies, trade and cultural Associations.

Moreover, the members of CEI Technical Committees and SubCommittees contribute to:

  • define the Italian national position to be presented in European and international competent seats,
  • propose national standards on subjects of interest of the Italian system and participate to their preparation and approval,
  • indicate the need of and participate to the elaboration of national technical guides in cases where it is necessary to reorganise or clarify the existing normative situation and to deepen the application procedures of standards, including the European ones.

Not Standards Only

Besides the production of standardization documents (CEI Standards, CEI Technical Guides, CEI-UNEL Tables,...), CEI publishes also other types of products such as books, software, and informative documents to support the interpretation, the application, and the disclosure of the standards, in order to promote a deeper and greater diffusion of the technical culture for all users, operators, and technicians of the electrotechnical field.

The Catalog of CEI products, contains the list of all the products published by CEI, that are different and/or complementary to the Standadisation documents.

Such a catalog contains also the bibliographic records, the price list (with the indication of the discount for CEI members), and the promotional offers for the purchase of combined products.

The catalog is organized in 5 sections:

  • Standard collections (book or CD-ROM)
  • Software
  • Tecnihal-scientific books
  • Informative documents
  • Online Services

All the products present in the CEI catalog can be purchased on MyNorma (the CEI e-commerce portal), both as hard copy and as a PDF file.