The Technical Committees

CEI Technical Committees are the technical bodies in which the normative documents (CEI Standards and technical guides) are discussed, according to the relevant competences, elaborated and approved.

CEI Sponsoring, Institutional and Full Members are the protagonists of the standardisation works thanks to the activity of their experts nominated in the Technical Committes/SubCommittees.

Moreover, the members of CEI Technical Committees and SubCommittees contribute to:

  • define the Italian national position to be presented in European and international seats,
  • propose national standards on subjects of interest of the Italian system and participate to their preparation and approval,
  • indicate the need of and participate to the elaboration of national technical guides in cases where it is necessary to reorganise or clarify the existing normative situation and to deepen the application procedures of standards, including the European ones.


Why to participate

Since the Italian law requires to build products and systems "perfectly done" and establishes that, if you apply CEI standards, this is respected.

Participating in the CEI works allows you to know in depth the technical rules and to directly contribute to their definition and development.

To be protagonists and not mere spectators, it is important to be CEI Effective Member and appoint members to committees and technical subcommittees.