CEI offers to its customers a wide range of services that exceeds and extends the traditional offering of national (Italian) standards in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications.

Such a new commercial proposition has been called CEINORME (something that could be translated "CEISTANDARDS").


The heart of the system

MyNorma is the new online application by CEI that goes beyond the limits of a traditional e-commerce system, and provides the end user a completely customizable service experience.

Using MyNorma you will have a complete control of all the standard documents that you need everyday: thanks to the tools present in such an innovative platform, you will be able to setup a centarlized and unique dashboard to remain always up-to-date and simplify your daily work.

Personal Area

Personal Area

You can have a virtual space where you can collect all the standards that you use more frequently and a rapid access to your purchased services: subscriptions, ProDiS credits (lighthning density information), courses, downloaded files, bookmarks,...

Everything accessible with a single click click.


Preview & Description

By means of the Preview function of MyNorma, you can verify that the standard you have identified is really what you need. If the preview is available, such a tool allows you to read - free of charge - the initial pages of the publication (included the index and the field of application).

The card associated to every product contains a number of additional information (metadata) such as, for example, the published date, the language, the publisher, editorial notes,... that allow you to carry out effective searches and targeted purchases.

Acqisti Online

Online Purchases

From the descriptive card of every product, you can directly proceed to the purchases by bank transfer or Credit Cards of the circuits VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, DINERS: in this case, the payment is performed using the SSL protocol in order to guarantee the security of the transactions.

You can buy standards and pubblications on different supports, either PDF file or hard copy.



MyNorma allows you to subscribe to single standards (self-made selection) or to predefined standard selections.

It's worth to subscribe:

  • you will always be up-to date to the last version of the standard
  • you can consult the historical versions of the standard you have subscribed to, also when they will be superseeded by more recent standard documents
  • you can benefit from the lowest price to consult the standards of your interest

You will find all the details in the Subscriptions section.



MyNorma allows you to search the catalog of all the products: standards (by all the available Standardization bodies), books, software, courses, services, etc.

Periodically, the catalog is updated, inserting the new products and the standards that have been released.

Two different and complementary Search modes are available:

  • basic search, that allows you to find publications having the text of interest contained in the title or in the Standard number
  • advanced search, to use more specific criteria such as, for example, the summary, the Technical Committee, the published date, etc.
Servizi a Valore Aggiunto

BANCADATI: the New Services

Thanks to MyNorma, the new professional platform, CEI is able to offer two new advanced services for the management of standards and of the related information.

Such services are called BANCADATI.



By means of the Bookmark service you can set alerts on every product present in the catalog, to be notified when something new happens on the selected object.

You can decide to monitor single standards or groups of standards (defined, for example, on the basis of the Technical Committee releasing them or on the basis of the subscribed selection) to be always up-to-date with the last current version of the Standard.

Periodically, (e.g., every month) the "CEI Bancadati" service sends an email to you to provide information of all the modifications happened in the preceding period.

You will be notified when the state of the product or of the Standard changes (for example, withdrawal or substitution, publication of new releases, pubblications of amendments, interpretation sheets, etc.)

This way, the Bookmark service offers a simple procedure to help subscribers to comply with Quality Requirements of ISO 9000 standards, in relation to the usage of the most recent technical standards in your own sector. Moreover, it allows you to reach, with a single click the standards you are more interested to.

The Bookmark service can be subscribed also for the publications of other Standardization Bodies, such as IEC, IEEE, ASTM, AWS and IRIS.

To use the Bookmark service, you are not required to have purchased nor subscribed to the standards.



The Remark service can be subscribed to complete corporate multi-user subscriptions, and allows you to insert notes to the descriptive cards of each Standard. Such notes can be useful for products or projects that your company is carrying on.

You can use the notes to add information to the most interesting Standards for your work: for example, you can describe their utility for the development of a specific project, or information on the most relevant chapters.

When a user inserts a note by means of the Remark service, it will be shared with the collegues, on the basis of the working groups defined within the company.

Personal Area

Continuous Evolution

MyNorma is an innovative service that is in continuous evolution: new features are continuosly released to offer an always better and effective user experience.

Using MyNorma is the simplest and most effective way to discover and exploit its potential.

Become a MyNorma advanced user: we can provide you all the support you need to exploit the platform at best.

Contribute to improve MyNorma! Tell us your suggestions: you will become an active part in the improvement process.