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Statutory Bodies

CEI is a private, non-profit Association constituted by the following institutional bodies:


General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of representatives of Sponsor, Partner and Full Members.

The three Sponsor Members of CEI are AEIT – the Italian Association for Electrotechnical, Electronics, Automation, Informatics and Telecommunications; ANIE – the National Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Federation and ENEL – the National Electrical Energy Supplier.

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The Council acts on behalf of the General Assembly, is chaired by the President and comprises 12 representatives of the Sponsor Members, 2 representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development, 1 representative for all other Ministries, 4 representatives of the National Research Council (CNR) and 12 representatives proposed by Full Members and elected by the General Assembly.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board is chaired by the President and comprises 5 Vice-Presidents, 2 members elected by the Council, the Auditors and the Managing Director.

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Institutional Documents

The most important institutional documents (in Italian only) are the following:


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