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SME Area

European Activities

CEI offers this section of its website to present information, news, documents, products and services on technical standardisation dedicated in particular to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

For many years CEI has been addressing SMEs as a fundamental and dynamic interface relatively to technical standardisation and spread of technical-scientific knowledge promoting initiatives and developing channels of mutual and profitable collaboration such as:

  • active involvement of SMEs and relevant Trade Associations in the standardisation activities, through representatives nominated as members of Technical Committees
  • diffusione mirata dei documenti normativi;
  • accesso diretto a documenti normativi sottoposti a Inchiesta Pubblica;
  • preparation of technical application Guides (also subjected to Public Inquiry) relating to CEI and CEI EN Standards on topics of specific interest
  • development of application softwares for the correct implementation of the normative documents
  • preparation of divulgative documents dealing with particular applicative topics, thus welcoming precise requests coming from this sector, or stemming from the implementation of European Directives
  • organisation of nationwide training events (conventions and seminars), free of charge, and other permanent education initiatives for the correct interpretation and application of CEI standards and technical Guides
  • setup of ad hoc planned education activities (free of charge) in synergy with the needs of update and information of the Italian industry
  • wide offer of training courses for a correct understanding, interpretation and application of CEI standards and guides
  • possibility of presenting technical questions on the normative documents for their correct interpretation and application
  • signature of collaboration protocols with representative Trade Associations with a predominantly SMEs composition for the promotion and technical knowledge and for economic facilitations to the benefit of operators (particularly subscriptions to collections of standards of specific interest)

CEI for SMEs

Standardisation activities

Standard Preview

A preview of the standards can be accessed free of charge on the e-commerce web site. It is a limited preview of the PDF file, useful to identify the standard needed before proceeding to its purchase. To have access to the preview it is sufficient to click on the icon. The preview is not available to the users that have access to the complete standard.

Public Enquiries

CEI provides SMEs the following documents:

  • New Work Item Proposals: in this section it is possible to view the lists of new proposals of IEC and CENELEC standards, as well as standards and technical guides of national origin, at the beginning of the standardization activities
  • Projects of national and international standards: in this section it is possible to view freely the texts of the projects of standards and technical guides of national origin during the public enquiry period, as foreseen by CEI statutory documents. Moreover, the references relevant to projects of IEC, CENELEC and ETSI standards are also made available

In entrambi i casi è possibile utilizzare il modulo FormularioIP.docx (21.2 KB) per presentare le proprie osservazioni, inviandolo tramite email a

National work programme

The National Standardisation Programme, presented hereafter, collects all the projects of technical standards that are being developed by CEI.

Tale documento consente di avere una visione complessiva e, allo stesso tempo, di dettaglio di tutta l’attività normativa nazionale attualmente in corso.

CEI training Seminars, free of charge

CEI organizes training Seminars, free of charge, where speakers describe in details technical – scientific subjects concerning up to date and future works related to the Standardization activity. The Seminars apply to designers, installers and inspectors operating in the electrical and electronic fields.

The Seminars are held all over Italy, in the main cities, usually every month from February to October and, on demand, credits will be assigned to participants following the agreements between CEI and the Association of Engineers. These events are carried out with the support of the most important companies in the sector, under the patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development, the National Fire Brigade and in agreement with the Orders of Engineers and the Colleges of Experts, providing numerous professional training credits.

The CEI also organizes numerous itinerant seminars created ad hoc on specific topics in collaboration with SMEs and associated companies.

Click here to see when and where the Seminars are (Italian only).

CEI Training Courses

In order to promote the regulatory culture and the correct application and interpretation of the standards themselves, the CEI organizes training courses that can be held both at the CEI headquarters and at the customer’s premises.

All training courses produced and held by the CEI are based on topics that are the subject of CEI Standards and Technical Guides and are intended to facilitate SMEs in the correct approach to legislation, giving the tools to read, interpret and translate the contents of the Standards and Technical Guides published by the CEI into practice.

A list of the next editions of the CEI courses is available.


CEINFOPOINT riporta gli elenchi delle Norme CEI, CENELEC ed ETSI rese disponibili mensilmente per la diffusione in ambito nazionale. Inoltre sono accessibili, e aggiornate periodicamente, le informazioni relative ai lavori in atto e alle pubblicazioni emesse o in preparazione.

Activities in support of sector fairs

The CEI participates in sector trade fairs, during which it promotes regulatory issues relating to the topics covered by the events.

Participation in the most important trade fairs in the sector represents an additional opportunity to promote and spread technical culture throughout the country, with the possibility of interacting directly with the individual user.

By attending with its own exhibition and information space, the CEI has the opportunity to promote not only the technical regulations, but also the other services offered for regulatory updates, professional training and participation in the sector’s regulatory activity.

Laws & Decrees

The following is a list of the main national laws of interest to SMEs:

The following links point to the sites of national institutions, associations, regulatory bodies (national and supranational).



Regulatory bodies

Attività europea per le PMI

Si riportano di seguito i principalidocumentidi interesse per le PMIpubblicati a livello europeo, nonché altre informazioni di interesse:

UE Regulation (EU) No. 1025/2012 1025/2012 sulla normazione europea (PDF)

SME Definition

SME Strategy

SMEs’ access to markets

SME internationalisationbeyond the EU

Standardisationand SMEs

Supporting entrepreneurship

COSME – Europe’s programme for small and medium-sized enterprises

Support for SME Internationalisation beyond the EU

Access to finance for SMEs

The SME Performance Review 2020 / 2021

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs and Standards Guide to the European Standardization Process (PDF)

Public Procurement as a Driver of Innovation in SMEs and Public Services (PDF)

European Commission portal for SMEs and technical standardization

Small Business Standards

In early February 2014, CEN and CENELEC signed a collaboration agreement with Small Business Standards (SBS).

SBS is a European non-profit association, established in 2013, whose main task is to intensify the active participation and increasing involvement of SMEs in the European technical standardization process.

The role that SBS is called upon to play is to ensure that the interests of SMEs are adequately protectedin the standardization process through a constant flow of information on this aspect between ESOs and SMEs (and of course vice versa, signaling the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprises). companies).

The activities of SBS have been requested and financed by the European Commission and replace those previously carried out by Normapme, a recently dissolved association.

The agreement just signed opens the way for the systematic acquisition of the contribution of SBS to the regulatory work of CEN and CENELEC mainly through the direct participation of representatives of SBS in a number of Technical committees of the two European standardization bodies. For more information on SBS, see the following link

Per contatti con SBS