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CEI awards

In order to give recognition to those who, in the academic and professional fields, dedicate themselves to the research and development of technical regulations in the electrotechnical, electronic and telecommunications sectors, CEI assignes four CEI Awards every year: the CEI Award – Best Thesis, the CEI Award – Giovanni Giorgi and the CEI Award – Alessandro Volta.

The CEI Award – Best Degree Thesis is dedicated to recent graduates or undergraduates who have carried out a Degree Thesis directly dedicated to investigating issues related to national, community and international technical standardization and its technical, economic or legal implications.

The CEI – Giovanni Giorgi Award is reserved for the Presidents and Secretaries of the CEI Technical Committees and Subcommittees and the CENELEC and IEC Officers appointed by the CEI, in recognition of their exceptional contribution to the regulatory activity.

The CEI – Alessandro Volta Award is dedicated to the members of the Technical Committees and Sub-Committees of the CEI who have distinguished themselves for their dedication, commitment and competence, in the interest of standardization and related activities.

Best Thesis2021 poster
Giovanni Giorgi2021 poster
Alessandro Volta2021 poster