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CEI is made up of Sponsor, Full and Ordinary Members, representing the most important stakeholders in the sector: Ministries, public and private bodies, universities, research and testing centers, certification bodies, industrial companies, professional associations, Trade and cultural associations.

This wide and diversified representation and the direct participation of the Members in its statutory bodies guarantee the CEI a super partes status.

The current list of CEI Members is shown below

Being a CEI Member

The association with the CEI allows you to participate in regulatory activities, with all the advantages described above, to get to know the various actors of technical standardization with the exchange of technical knowledge and different professional points of view and finally to benefit from numerous services and facilities.

In particular, the Partner and Full Promoting Members make up the technical bodies with their experts, i.e. the Technical Committees, the Subcommittees and the Central Commissions and contribute to define the technical regulations at national, European and international level.

The CEI also offers various possibilities of association with different levels of commitment and interest to meet the needs of the various legal-professional profiles.

All CEI Members benefit from exclusive services and concessions such as special discounts for the purchase of CEI Standards, editorial products and application software, for subscriptions in various forms, for participation in CEI training courses, for receiving the magazines published by the CEI.

How to become a CEI member

Entities, Companies, Associations, Professionals, Operators in the electrotechnical, electronic and telecommunications sectors can become Members of CEI by choosing the degree of economic commitment and professional interest that best meets their business and personal needs.

Each type of association is reserved for defined juridical-associative profiles and offers different levels of participation in technical and regulatory activities. The possibilities of association with the CEI are the following:

Companies, public or private legal entities, national or foreign.
Download Full Partners Membership Form

Download Ordinary Members Form for Individuals

Download Ordinary Member Basic Membership Application Form
Download Ordinary Member Form for Individuals
Download Ordinary Member Membership Application Form (reserved for installation companies adhering to the UNAE Regional Registers)
Download Ordinary Member Basic Membership Application Form (reserved for companies reserved for Albiqual)

For further information, consult the General Regulations or contact the shareholders office: e-mail:
tel. –

The rules of the game

The Italian law requires the construction of “state of the art” products and systems and identifies in application of the CEI Standards a method to ensure that this is respected, it is legitimate to say that participation in the work of the CEI allows you to know in advance the evolution of the technical rules and to contribute directly to the development of the related technical documents by being able to express your positions. To be protagonists, and not mere spectators, it is important to be an effective member of CEI and to designate members in technical committees and sub-committees. Being the protagonists of the regulatory activity means, among other things:

  • contribute to shaping the Italian position in the European and international context, for the rules of their own interest
  • propose new national standards on topics not dealt with in other areas, and contribute to their elaboration
  • propose and prepare national guides in all sectors in which it is appropriate to reorder and clarify, through the super partes voice of CEI, the national regulatory situation and the methods of application of the standards themselves